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We make finding a great place to stay in Crystal River much easier. Listing the best vacation values in Florida, you can keep more money in your pocket to enjoy your Florida Vacation. If you are looking for a place to stay in Crystal River, Florida, you are at the right place, we continually track the rates and services of local lodging establishments. This information is used to set the value of each hotel, motel, bed and breakfast and all lodging businesses. Whether it's a campground for the night or your own private island, come visit the "Old Florida" and let Crystal River Accommodations help!

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"Home of the Manatee"

West Indian Manatees are large, gray aquatic mammals with bodies that taper to a flat, paddle-shaped tail. They have two forelimbs, called flippers, with three to four nails. Their head and face are wrinkled with whiskers on the snout. Manatees are related to the Stealer's sea cow, which was hunted to extinction in 1768. The average adult manatee is about three meters (9.8 feet) long and weighs between 800-1,200 pounds. Manatees can grow to 13 ft and weigh as much as 3000lbs. Calves are born weighing in around 40 lbs and can add 700lbs in their first year.
The only growing herd of manatees make their home in Citrus County. This area is an amazing outdoors paradise during all seasons. The wonderful temperatures and incredible land and seascapes provide an ideal place to live or visit for humans and manatees! The 72 degree waters flowing to the surface from the Florida Aquifer in local springs provide warm homes for manatees and humans have begun to respect these sea creatures as so numbers in the local herd are growing. There is yet much to work to be done. We invite you to come visit us and experience the fantastic feeling you'll receive when swimming with the friendly Manatee. There's debate over where the biggest smile is ... on the human or the manatee! Make a point to visit Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park where there are resident manatees, Florida panthers, bears, flamingos and even a hippo! Recently lots of work went into the state park by creating a more natural setting for the many animals including a fantastic snake exhibit, a new bear den and features several shows daily. There are 2 gift shops located on each side of the park which carry local artist's work and souvenirs big and small. So, what are you waiting for? Make your arrangements to visit "Mother Nature's Theme Park" today!

   Make you experience of swimming with the manatee a once in a life time trip by staying on a private island while in Crystal River. Free use of kayaks and canoes await you.  You can have a bonfire on the natural point of a remote island . Or relax and swim in the 45 foot solar heated pool. Or relax in one of the 3 spas. This is our pick of a place to stay to make your vacation a once in a life time experience with getting to see what owning a private island would be like.  Privacy fishing on a remote island. but with land access to make it easy. And all the amities to make it a total life experience!  Just min from Crystal River manatee trips and lots of water front dinning.

Paradise found island Retreat

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Crystal River, Homosassa Private island vacation rental




Crystal River Accommodations Private Island

 Crystal River, Homosassa Private Island vacation home rental

Paradise Found Island Retreat is a private vacation rental island. You can have up to 16 guests, it'll be your group only! Click here to find out how!



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