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Crystal River Accommodations makes finding a great place to stay in Crystal River much easier. Listing the best vacation values in Florida, you can keep more money in your pocket to enjoy your Florida Vacation.

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Crystal River Florida

This is an index of Hotels and Motels located in the Crystal River area. Please use this information to find accommodations for your Crystal River stay.

American River Rendezvous
10386 W Halls River Road
Homosassa Springs

Best Western Citrus Hills Lodge
350 E Norvell Bryant Hwy

Central Motel
721 Us Hwy 41

Cinnamon Key

Cinnamon Key
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Crown Hotel
109 S Seminole Ave

Macrae’s of Homosassa
5290 S Cherokee Trail

Paradise Found Island Retreat - Private Island

Homosassa Vacation rental island Retreat

Escape to Paradise for Groups up to 16

Plantation Inn
9301 Fort Island Trail
Crystal River

The Port Hotel
1610 SE Paradise Circle
Crystal River

The Village Inn
310 N Citrus Ave
Crystal River
We at Crystal River Accommodations .com Strive to give you as much usable info that we can find out on the web. We search long and hard to give you contact info on as many Hotels and Motels and Vacation Rentals as we can find. Being local to the area we are fairly familiar with what's in the area. If you have a favorite place to stay and you don't see it here please email it to us. Also if you have a bad experience at any of listed hotels let us know 3 complaints and we remove them from our list to insure you go some were that will make you happy.

When in Crystal River don't miss snorkeling with the Manatee its a experience you wont forget and very inexpensive compared to most vacation entertainment. You can go out and snorkel with the Manatee for as little as $35.00. We recommend using a referral service for your booking .They know most of the tour operators and can place you a boat that suits you rather than just calling one place that of coarse is going to say they are the best. It cost you the same but you  can get info on several guides at one time.

Crystal River, Homosassa  Manatee Tours

Crystal River is minutes from the Homosassa Wildlife Park. It is one of the top Manatee Rehabs in the U.S. .They have a thing called the fish bowl and you are in it ,and the fish and Manatee are outside in the natural spring. There are usually a large population of Jacks in the spring along with Tarpon ,Reds, Snook, and more. You could just leave me there all day. They also have a small wildlife park with eagles, otters, alligators, deer, hippos and much more. It real is a must see place to go.




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